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Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013 full movie free

Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013

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Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013 full movie free

Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013 full movie free online : Firstly, Bekikang is left and abandoned with a baby boy by friend, Fortunato. He loves and raises the child as his own flesh and blood. When things are going so well between Bekikang and the child, Fortunato and the mother of the child after years of absence reappear to take the child back.

Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki (Filipino: “Bekikang the Mother”) is a 2013 drama-comedy Filipino film with an LGBT theme, directed by Wenn V. Deramas.

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The drama-comedy Filipino film depicts Bekikang or Beki (Joey Paras) and his friends. This was inspired by the life story of the late director Wenn Deramas. As Beki was bullied for being gay as he was growing up, his father (Tirso Cruz III) taught him to defend himself in fights. Beki is a caring, responsible and hardworking fellow of the family. He is a balut vendor along with his friends. One day, Beki and his friends catch a new stud in town who is in trouble and needs help from being bullied.

Beki steps up for the good-looking Fortunato (Tom Rodriguez) who becomes his love interest. However, Fortunato falls for the local waitress, Natalie (Carla Humphries), at a restaurant Beki takes him to. Beki soon becomes jealous of Natalie. Unfortunately, Fortunato gets Natalie pregnant and Beki becomes involved with raising their baby after Natalie decides to leave Fortunato to work in Japan. Beki accepts their baby as his own once he learns that Fortunato and Natalie have broken up. Fortunato also decides to leave the country to work.

Beki’s family is not too fond of Beki taking care of Fortunato’s baby and this encourages Beki to leave their house to live with his friends. Soon, the three gay men raise the child under stable conditions until the comeback of the child’s biological parents, Fortunato and Natalie. The couple is back together and they want their child back. Will Fortunato and Natalie be able to get their child back from Bekikang?

Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013 full movie free online

Original Title: Bekikang: Ang nanay kong beki 2013,
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Directed by Wenn V. Deramas
Starring Joey Paras, JM Ibañez, Tom Rodriguez, Carla Humphries, Tirso Cruz III
Music by Vincent de Jesus
Cinematography Elmar Despa
Production company Star Cinema, Viva Films
Distributed by Star Cinema
Distributors Viva Films (2013) (Philippines) (theatrical)
Special Effects Digital Dodge (visual effects)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $318,095
Box office P 14,101,310.40

Genre: Drama,Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Country: Philippines
Filming Locations: Philippines
Language: Filipino, Tagalog, English
Length: 105 min
Release Date in Philippines: 23 October 2013
Image Width: 302
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 1280
Video Height: 720
View: 100
ContentRating in Philippines: PG
Publish Date: 2020-01-20
Content Is Family Friendly = Yes
Content Requires Subscription = False

Bekikang Ang Nanay Kong Beki 2013


Main cast
Joey Paras as Victorio “Beki”
Tom Rodriguez as Fortunato “Fortune”
JM Ibañez as Fortunato Jr. “Potpot”
Carla Humphries as Natalie

Supporting cast
Tirso Cruz III as Gorio
Lassy Marquez as Tomas
Atak Arana as Entoy
Nikki Valdez as Samantha
Malou de Guzman as Anacleta
Maricar de Mesa as Mariana
Miguel Aguila as Mandy
Manuel Chua as Dado
Rubi Rubi as Lydia (Carinderia Vendor)
Jeff Luna as Lydia’s Helper
Debraliz as Trudis

Special participation
Janice de Belen as Maristella
Maricel Soriano as the Saleslady
Andi Eigenmann as the Ice Cream Vendor
Iza Calzado as the Doctor
Dingdong Dantes as the Gay Passby
Ate Gay as the Midwife
Dey-Dey Amansec as Young Beki
Bea Basa as Young Samantha
Abby Bautista as Young Mariana
Michael Roy Jornales as the Fight Instructor
Frank Garcia as Samantha’s Husband
Carmen Del Rosario as Yaya/Helper
Jhiz Deocareza as the Bully Kid
Eagle Riggs as the Gay Beauty Pageant Host

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