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Beyond Atlantis 1973 full movie free

Beyond Atlantis 1973

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Beyond Atlantis 1973 full movie free

Beyond Atlantis 1973 full movie free online : Firstly, A band of adventurers invade a native island determined to grab a reported fortune in buried treasure. The islanders are just as determined to keep their sacred treasure. Complications ensue.

Beyond Atlantis is a 1973 Filipino-American science fiction/horror film directed by Eddie Romero, starring Patrick Wayne and based on a story by Stephanie Rothman.

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It was described by David DeCoteau as “one of the very few family-oriented B movies to come out of the Philippines”; this was due to star Patrick Wayne’s insistence that the film be a family movie.

A man brings a woman named Syrene (Leigh Christian) to an island, and she pays him with some pearls. The inhabitants of the island appear to be inbred, with oversized eyes, and they kill an intruder that they find.

Back on the mainland, the fisherman Manuel the Barracuda (Vic Diaz), pays East Eddie (Sid Haig), who runs the piers, with some pearls. Eddie shows them to Logan (Ashley), a local hustler, and they decide to find the source of the pearls. Logan meets Vic Mathias (Patrick Wayne), who has a boat, and strikes a deal with him to use the boat to look for the pearls.

Dr. Katherine Vernon (Lenore Stevens) overhears this and talks to Logan, who agrees to meet her the next day. At a museum, Dr. Vernon tells Logan that she wants to find the pearls solely for their scientific value.

Beyond Atlantis 1973 full movie free online

The party sets off for the island, confronting Manuel the Barracuda and finding the location. The group encounters Syrene and her people, who can live both on land and in the sea, and she agrees to show the party where the pearls are, but Syrene and her father Nereus (George Nader), want to mate Syrene with one of the group; specifically, Vic. She leads them to beds of pearls and the first mate is mysteriously killed. Vic wants to leave, but Logan and Eddie want to make one more dive. Syrene enraptures Vic and they mate.

Nereus decides that the group must die, and Vic, Logan, Eddie and the crew have to fight their way back to their boat. Katherine is jumped by Syrene, but Syrene is killed, thus ending any chance for the race of sea people to continue. They all march into the sea as Logan takes a blanket of pearls from Syrene’s funeral pyre. Manuel arrives and tries to double-cross the surviving pearl hunters. A fight breaks out and the case of pearls falls overboard, with Logan trying to convince Eddie and Vic that they can find the pearls again.

However, this movie still popular if we still watch it all the time because it is very comedy film.

Original Title: W strone Atlantydy 1973, Sea Creatures 1973

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Directed by Eddie Romero
Produced by John Ashley, Eddie Romero, Charles S. Swartz
Written by Charles Johnson
Story by Stephanie Rothman
Starring Patrick Wayne, John Ashley
Music by Ed Norton
Cinematography Justo Paulino
Edited by Andrew Herbert
Production company Dimension Pictures
Budget US$200,000.00-US$250,000.00

Beyond Atlantis 1973

Genre: Drama,Melodrama, Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: Philippines
Filming Locations: Philippines
Language: Filipino, Tagalog, English
Length: 109 min
Release Date in Philippines: 01 September 1973
Image Width: 295
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: SD
Video Width: 640
Video Height: 480
View: 100
ContentRating in Philippines: PG
Publish Date: 2020-03-13
Content Is Family Friendly = Yes
Content Requires Subscription = False


Patrick Wayne as Vic Mathias
John Ashley as Logan
Leigh Christian as Syrene
Sid Haig as East Eddie
Lenore Stevens as Dr. Katherine Vernon
George Nader as Nereus
Vic Diaz as Manuel the Barracuda
Eddie Garcia as The Mate

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