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Resureksyon 2015 full movie free

Resureksyon 2015

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Resureksyon 2015 full movie free

Resureksyon 2015 full movie free online : Firstly, is a Philippines Movie that talking about Mara (Isabelle Daza), an OFW who will die a mysterious death while abroad. When her corpse is brought home for burial, strange deaths also loomed in their hometown.

Resureksyon (Lit. Resurrection) is a 2015 Filipino horror drama film directed by Alfonso Torre III and starring Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Isabelle Daza. It was released on September 23, 2015 and produced by Regal Entertainment and Reality Entertainment.

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Ailah is a young woman who’s left to fend for herself and her nephew after being orphaned at a young age; Mara is Ailah’s older sister who’s arrived home from working abroad inside a coffin only to be resurrected as a vicious vampire.

Any hint of country idyll is lost at the very opening of Borgy Torre’s Resureksyon. In its first ten or so minutes, the film introduces the monster born from within its rural milieu: an impoverished woman (Isabelle Daza), emboldened by the promise of a better life working abroad, decides to leave her sister and her son, only to return some months later in a casket. This premise isn’t new, not completely. Torre is taking points from Richard Somes’ modern classic Yanggaw (2008) in which a woman returns home from Manila with an affliction that turns her into an “aswang.”

Sure enough, Daza’s deceased OFW Mara rises from her casket during her wake, much to the townsfolk’s terror but curiously not even a hint to that of the only man of science in the room (Alex Castro’s Ramil, who attends to the resurged corpse like it’s common event), and here the film ostensibly builds upon the immeasurable fear of harboring a monster within the family.

What follows however is a Pompeii of unintentionally comic killings standard to Regal genre fare. The film’s obnoxious loanshark (Gee Canlas), who also happens to be the town’s first lady, is first on Mara’s kill list for obvious reasons. What isn’t clear is if it’s the film being contractually obligated to delivering a loud, admittedly technically sound kill sequence which sets the wick afire for the film. There’s a shirtless scene (if you’re that curious), this being a Regal horror film and all, of Paulo Avelino’s irascible detective cooking silver, paying due homage to the 1985 screen adaptation of a Stephen King novella Silver Bullet.

Resureksyon 2015 full movie free online

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Directed by Alfonso Torre III
Produced by Erik Matti
Screenplay by Jimmy Flores, Mary Rose Colindres, Dwight Gastron
Starring Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Isabelle Daza
Music by Francis de Vera
Edited by Sheryll Lopez
Production company Regal Entertainment, Reality Entertainment
Distributed by Regal Entertainment
Special Effects Mothership (visual effects)

Genre: Drama,Melodrama, Romance, Horror
Country: Philippines
Filming Locations: Philippines
Language: Filipino, Tagalog
Length: 77 min
Release Date in Philippines: 23 September 2015
Image Width: 336
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 479
Video Height: 208
View: 100
ContentRating in Philippines: G
Publish Date: 2020-01-04
Content Is Family Friendly = Yes
Content Requires Subscription = False

Resureksyon 2015


Paulo Avelino as Javier del Ocampo
Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Amanda Libangan
Isabelle Daza as Marilyn Alvarado
John Lapus as Tito Baby
Raikko Mateo as Miguel dela Peña
Niño Muhlach as Mayor Diamante
Alex Castro as Ramil
Gee Canlas as Rita
Franco Lagusad as Daryl Mendoza
Juancho Trivino as Ethan Ocampo
Prince Villanueva as Jared Alvarado

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